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Vapir Digital Air One

Finally, an affordable vaporizer !

This amazing device can be used with fresh or dried herbs, flowers, oils, resins, liquids and powders.

The Digital Air One is equipped with a rapid heating element to speed up the vaporization process. A three speed fan regulates air flow. You can even protect your Vapir vaporizer from unwanted users with a smart in-built lock.

Go ahead and get yourself this handy, easy-to-use device. It has a nifty digital lcd-screen that lights up in the dark and accurately displays temperature. Attention: the Digital Air One comes with a European plug. In order to use it in the US or the UK, a country-specific adaptor is needed.

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This is possibly the cleanest hit you will ever have. I thought i knew my stash, but this changed everything. The buzz is totally different......dont believe me.....well try it then! Its so clean that it makes you feel happy all the time!

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