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Flowermate V5.0S With Usb

Flowermate V5.0S With Usb
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Flowermate_v5.0S_USB_01.jpg FlowerMate V5.0S with USB
The Flowermate v5.0S Vaporizer puts an emphasis on portability and power that is unequaled. With an ergonomically designed shape that easily fits in your pocket or handbag, the v5.0S can be discreetly taken anywhere. The v5.0S also features an enclosed air path with a generous ceramic chamber that powerfully delivers pure taste with every draw. Easily charge your v5.0S with a USB charger and enjoy it anywhere.

In this price range, the v5.0S is one of the vaporizers that offers the most consistent heating. Therefore, you will not have to worry about your herbs or concentrates getting burned. Thanks to the included stainless steel pod, this vaporizer can also be used with waxy oil and concentrates!

• Pure and clean vapor, no combustion
• Can be used for Dry Herb and Concentrates (Dabbing)
• Fully isolated air path and adjustable air flow
• Built with the best medical grade materials

1 x Flowermate V5.0S vaporizer (latest version)
1 x Borosilicate glass mouthpiece
1 x Liquid / waxy chamber (organic cotton inside)
1 x Medium stainless steel pod
5 x Stainless steel screen
1 x USB-cable
1 x Packing tool
1 x Cleaning brush
1 x Instruction manual (English)


Flowermate V5.0S vaporizer is designed to be used with concentrates and dry herbs. With virtually no learning technique or additional accessories required for use, the Flowermate has to be one of the easiest to use portable vaporizers on the market. You can operate the device with only one button. The temperature setting is indicated by a coloured light.

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