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Controlvape – Portable E-Liquid Vaporizer

Controlvape – Portable E-Liquid Vaporizer
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Special Request


ControlVape_01.jpg ControlVape – Portable E-Liquid Vaporizer ControlVape_02.jpg ControlVape – Portable E-Liquid Vaporizer
ControlVape discreetly delivers a smooth, clean and healthy CBD boost at the push of a button!

Developed to produce a pure and CBD-rich experience at an affordable price, the ControlVape delivers clean combustion-free vapor clouds and offers you complete vaping control: simply download the app for your smartphone and you’ll be able to control voltage settings and puff limits with access to real-time feedback, puff records and vaping insights.

Colors: Available in Black or Green matte finish.

- Combustion-Free
- Set Voltage and Puff Limits via App (Android & iOS)
- Bluetooth Connection

1 - ControlVape CBD E-Liquid Vaporizer
1 - ControlVape battery of 900mAh
1 - Clearomizer (glass mouthpiece)
3 - Coils (1 in Clearomizer, 2 Replaceable)
1 - USB Charger

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