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Pro Anabol
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ALR Industries has designed a safe pro-anabolic for both men and women. Pro-Anabol is a highly bioavailable and truly potent derivative of a naturally occurring plant based on ecdysteroid.

The base compound is called Dihydrorubrosterone, a naturally occurring ecdysteroid.
Furthermore, ALRI has added a 17-position methyl ether to increase both the bioavailability and overall potency. And a real plus is no liver stress like that realized from use of some of the older pro-hormone products. The result is a highly pro-anabolic compound with excellent oral bioavailability.

ALRI's next heavy hitter is a very potent and very deliberately produced proprietary extraction from the well known Maca plant, also known as Lepidium Meyenii, ALRI has called Macabol™. ALRI tweaked out some highly potent pro-anabolic, energizing, and lipolytic properties from this herbal wonder. Libido and recovery are also shown to be markedly enhanced in almost all users.

Though certainly not the big star of this pro-anabolic matrix, Bio-kines™ is a proprietary bioactive bovine serum extract designed to: Bioactive hormones, growth factors and cytokines promote cell growth. Activation of immune system thereby preventing protein and energy loss. Enhances nutrient utilization. Increases retained nitrogen, promotes weight gain Increased energy. Reduced protein and amino acid catabolism, improves protein retention. Increases lean muscle mass Bio-kines™. Proprietary Bioactive Bovine. Serum Extract is a highly concentrated extraction of bovine serum produced to contain highly efficacious fractions of growth factors, immunoglobulins, and other valuable bioactive substances that foster an overall heightened effect for recovery and growth. It is included to provide a solid support for enabling the primary pro-anabolic components, Macabol and MDHR, to exert maximal myotrophic (muscle building) effect.


-Serious pro-anabolic support
-Superior recovery
-Increased lean mass
-Increased strength
-Decreased fat mass
-No estrogen increase
-Increased libido
-No masculinizing side affects
-No post cycle recovery needed

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