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Dutch Orange - Long Lasting

Dutch Orange Long Lasting produces a stronger body high which will stimulate your senses for a longer duration than other blends. This special blend of herbs keeps the euphoric vibe going and going.


In lighter doses, the effects are known to be uplifting, energetic, cerebral, and best suited for daytime use. In stronger doses, the effects are known to be relaxing and calming, and best suited for the evening.


The effects are best experienced when in a positive mood and a comfortable setting.


Start with a light dosage (0.02gr - 0.04gr), especially with the first experience. As effects may vary from person to person, dosage can be slightly increased according to your desires afterwards. It is highly recommended to never exceed the amount of 0.20gr in one dosage.


Dutch Orange contains a special recipe of natural herbs and cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are the active ingredients that occur naturally in the Cannabis Sativa plant.


Not intended for human consumption. Please avoid mixing substances as it may have a negative or possibly harmful effect on your experience. Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
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Not as good as the real thing. but pretty good. cleaner. more focused not as stupid like sometimes with the real stuff. it does the job!!


The Return of the King! (much better than Tolkien's)
Thank you to all the people who made possible the return of this amazing products.

Sa c'est une herbe pour jouer à la PS4 tranquille .un bon jeux PS4 et c'est partie . accroché dans la console un truc de fou il faut gérer car c'est chaud . comme je suis en arrêt de travail c'est idéal . c'est herbe et un bon passe temp .(attention à la quantité fumé car sa peut vite tourner en votre défaveur) pour ma part j'ai passé+de 2h dans un monde PS4 irréel d un jeux vidéo en 4k HDR écran 180cm immersion totale .un vraie kiffff merci vs.


I'm more of a supporter of the Original but my hardcore friends don't want anything else but this one, personally too strong for me as well as the extreme.

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