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Acrylic Blacklight Grinder - 50Mm

Acrylic Blacklight Grinder - 50Mm
Acrylic Trippy Grinder
Price € 5,95
Acrylic_BlackLight_orange.jpg Acrylic BlackLight Grinder - 50mm Acrylic_BlackLight_yellow.jpg Acrylic BlackLight Grinder - 50mm Acrylic_BlackLight_pink.jpg Acrylic BlackLight Grinder - 50mm
Compact Grinder Blending Performance and Aesthetics
The Acrylic BlackLight Grinder seamlessly combines functionality and design within its compact and convenient form.

Measuring 50mm in diameter, this grinder proves to be the ideal tool for achieving a uniform and fine grind, all thanks to its ultra-sharp shark teeth.

Comprised of three distinct parts, including a dedicated storage compartment, this grinder becomes an indispensable companion for all your grinding needs.

Crafted from durable yet lightweight acrylic, this grinder offers exceptional strength and portability, ensuring ease of use wherever you go.

Vibrant and Innovative Design
Available in three random, eye-catching fluorescent colors that glow, the Acrylic BlackLight Grinder injects a splash of color and modernity into your daily routine.

Each piece boasts a unique appearance, featuring an original trippy design that adds an appealing visual dimension with the neon colours reacting to BlackLight. Please note: if you have a preferred design, please include it in your order comments, and we'll try to ship it if in stock.

Convenient Magnet Closure
This grinder doesn't just prioritize aesthetics; it's also designed for optimal usability. Its magnetized closure simplifies the opening and closing process while ensuring the security of its contents.

The Acrylic BlackLight Grinder serves as the perfect choice for those seeking both style and efficiency in their grinding experience.

Product Features
• Ø: 50mm diameter
• Heavy duty and lightweight acrylic design
• Shark teeth for a fine and homogeneous grind
• Magnetic closure for easy use
• Three parts with storage space
• Available in 3 random fluorescent colors that react to blacklight

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