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Metallic Sphere Grinder - 53Mm

Metallic Sphere Grinder - 53Mm
Sphere Grinder
Price € 9,95
Metallic_Sphere_Grinder_01.jpg Metallic Sphere Grinder - 53mm Metallic_Sphere_Grinder_02.jpg Metallic Sphere Grinder - 53mm Metallic_Sphere_Grinder_03.jpg Metallic Sphere Grinder - 53mm Metallic_Sphere_Grinder_gold.jpg Metallic Sphere Grinder - 53mm Metallic_Sphere_Grinder_silver.jpg Metallic Sphere Grinder - 53mm Metallic_Sphere_Grinder_bronze.jpg Metallic Sphere Grinder - 53mm
Introducing our Metallic Sphere Herb Grinder – the perfect blend of style and functionality! If you're someone who appreciates unique and charming grinder designs, you'll love this cool spherical grinder.

Crafted for durability and efficiency, this herb grinder features sharp teeth that make grinding your herbs a breeze. Say goodbye to the hassle of manual grinding! The screw-off base cleverly collects your precious hash dust, ensuring nothing goes to waste. With its robust metal teeth, your herbs are guaranteed to be ground to perfection. Elevate your grinding experience with this exceptional metallic sphere herb grinder.

Assorted color options sent randomly: Gold, Silver, Bronze.
Please note: if you have a preferred color option, please include it in your order comments, and we'll try to ship it if in stock.

• Ø: 53mm diameter
• Maximum durability and efficiency guaranteed
• Sharp teeth for an effortless grind
• Pollen compartment

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