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Nootrosmart - Micro Acid

Shayana proudly presents the new age of cognitive enhancers from NootroSmart. Open the door to your imagination. Release your creativity and elevate your mood.


Connection to nature, enhanced creativity, focus, and mental clarity are some of beneficial effects one can expect to experience during a 1p-LSD microdose.


1p-LSD: 10µg (microgram)


Contains 10 pills. Recommended dosage is one pill every morning of the third day, meaning a tube of 10 pills will last you a full month!


Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer

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