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The Swazi, a cannabis strain whose origins lie in the small African kingdom of Swaziland, is a very nice Sativa strain, perfectly suited for both indoor and outdoor growing. The plant grows huge (up to 3 meters). They have the famous, really large Sativa leaves with long, thin buds.

The effects are smooth and mellow, not too strong and therefore ideally suited for light smokers or those times when you'd like to smoke one during the day and still be able to function without getting tired. It has an unique liquor-like taste.

Genetics: Sativa
Type: Indoor & Outdoor
Indoor height: Around 135 cm
Indoor flowering: Around 56 days
Indoor yield: Around 115 grams
Outdoor height: 250-310 cm
Outdoor harvest: September to October
Outdoor yield: 600-900 grams

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