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Vanir - Psilocybe Magic Truffles

Mysterious powers await you with the strongest magic truffle in the world! These massive psilocybe sclerotia are extremely rare and loved by experienced travellers for producing mind blowing experiences with intense visuals, profound thoughts, and a powerful connection to the universe.

Friends will be for life and the shared moments will be full of laughter and good vibes as you embark together on an amazing magical journey you will never forget.


You will start to notice the effects 30 minutes to an hour after the magic truffles are consumed. Experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, closeness, empathy and creativity. It is also very common to experience sensory enhancement, visual hallucinations, a pleasant body high and fits of laughter.


Effects work best when taken raw, with an empty stomach and clear head. Chewing well and long enhances the effects and making a tea (no sugar) also works well. For the best experience, please make sure that you’re in a safe environment where you feel comfortable and that you take the correct dose. If possible, have a trip sitter present.


Light trip: 5 - 8 grams
Normal trip: 8 - 12 grams
Intense trip: 12 - 15 grams


4 to 8 hours, depending on the dosage. Smooth comedown.

Keep your fresh magic truffles in the fridge. The optimal temperature is 2º to 8º Celsius. If the package has not been opened, the truffles will stay fresh for at least a month. For maximum effects, it is best to consume them within a month of receiving them. If dried, they can be kept for up to 6 months in a closed container or bag, stored in a cool, dry place.


Giant Psilocybe Sclerotia (20gr)


Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
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Customers Reviews VANiR - Psilocybe Magic Truffles Share your experience


Be careful ! Strong shit ! Compare to the Utopia … Both are good but those … Make me change language hahah,
C’est fort , c’est bon ! Trip visu , sensation de fondu enchaîné!
J’ai tripé 5h avec mon chéri, j’ai même fais un mini bad !
Bonne défonce, expérience ! Vraiment fort !


Highly recommended on your own if you fell comfortable.
Strong visuals and sense of blissfulness. Not to be wasted for entertainment purpose in my opinion. Look for your inner self while on it.

Hello curious people around the world. Up until yesterday, I was as curious as you all, I wanted to try Magic Truffles but I was kind of sceptical about what would happen, and if I should or not try it out. After a long research of all the possible effects and outcomes of taking Magic Truffles/Mushrooms (which is very important to know), and after setting up my environment and chilling out my mindset, I knew I had everything ready and planned to start my journey. I took the Truffles with 1 more friend, alongside our fellow Trip-Sitter that didn't took any mushrooms in case we needed anyone sober around us!
It varies from person to person, but me and my friend took 10g each. We are 23 years old, weight about 70kg each, and let me tell you, 10g were enough to take me to the wonderland!! The effects started to kick in for my friend only 30min after the ingestion, while for me it only hit me after 1h:30min, but it certainly WORKED the way it says in the description! There's no way I can tell you the details of the experience I had, but I can tell you for sure that WE BOTH LOVED IT!! It was the best 8 to 10 hours I had in my life, and just wasn't more because I ended up falling asleep after that.
Remarkably one of the best experiences we BOTH had in our lives, thank you Shayana Shop for this amazing moment, and for all the availability and will the Shayana Team had in supporting us throughout the moment the product was Shipped, up until it arrived at my house, the way it was meant to be, flawless, and in time!!
Good trips everyone, always make sure to know the pros and cons of the drugs you are taking, set up a good environment and clear your mindset, and for sure you will be 90% on you way for a wonderful trip, without any problems!! After all, the effects will eventually end, and you will be back to your regular lives like before, but now with a blissful understanding of life like you never had before!


Très jolis visuels et sentiment d'euphorie et paix très agréable. Cette truffe est très forte. J'ai pris 4g pour ma première fois et c'était parfait comme dose.

First of all start by eating the full package it worth it ! for my second experience with Vanir , i caught on a MK11. i have never played so good and pro like before.with all of that colours and awareness , can say I kicked some serious ass that night . whoever interested in games put it on your to do list , you will not regret it (:



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