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Psilocybe Tampanensis - Philosophers Stones

Take yourself on a deep trip with these natural magical wonders! Psilocybe Tampanensis are popularly known as Philosopher’s Stones or Magic Truffles. It should be no surprise they have become famous for divine psychedelic trips, producing deep thoughts and very pleasant insights. This is a medium strong truffle, great for escapes in nature and gatherings with the best of friends.


Effects begin 30 to 45 minutes after truffles are consumed. Experience an overwhelming feeling of euphoria, closeness, empathy and creativity. It is also very common to experience strong visual hallucinations, a pleasant body high and fits of laughter.


6 grams
9 grams
10-15 grams


4-6 hours when taken orally. The trip comes in waves with a smooth comedown.


Eat them raw, on an empty stomach and clear head. For the best mushroom experience, please make sure that you’re in a safe environment where you feel comfortable and that you take the correct dose. STORAGE: Fresh truffles should be stored in the fridge between 2 to 3 weeks maximum. If you want to keep them longer you have to dry them. After you dry your truffles you can keep them for up to 6 months, kept in a closed box/bag in a cool dry place.


Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer
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A good trip. It opened my depressed mind a bit, let me feel how it was to have long trains of thoughts before the sickness. Peaceful and interesting experience.


A light strength truffle that will make you feel really high and giggly. If you're expecting to really trip from these then they probably aren't the best ones for you. I would recommend these to a beginner more than anything. Taste is really bad so just have some mouthwash or minty chewing gums handy while you're consuming them. 3/5 from me.

Petite cérémonie en forêt !!!
A jeun depuis 2 jours, Prise de 15g à 9h00 mélangé à du beurre de cacahuètes , le temps de se rendre sur les lieux, l'effet se fait sentir.
Petite euphorie progressive puis beaucoup de couleurs, les arbres me semblaient liés les uns aux autres par une aura lumineuse, c'était extra. durant les 3 heures qui ont suivies, sensation de bien être se sont succédé déformations visuelles,etc...
grand maximum 4 heures d'effets, un peu léger mais nickel pour un débutant, j'en testerai d'autres.
Merci du petit plus réception


Very nice experience for beginners, remember your set and setting and you are bound to have an amazing experience.

It was a really good experience. You have to be patient but at the end, you finally got the point.
Everything in the room was in perfect harmony. I really enjoy my trip took 15 grammes a time but don't recommend to newbie to take as much as I have taken.
It could be difficult for a beginner (some strips can be very painful, for other things I saw people that were really desperate) , every trip is particular so be careful, and don't forget to have a nanny.

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