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Salvia Extract 15X

Salvia Divinorum has intense hallucinogenic properties. It has been traditionally used in divinatory rituals, but its availability and use has been been expanding recently. Some of the more common effects that may be induced are: uncontrollable hysterical laughter; a loss of one’s sense of self; a feeling that one exist in numerous times and places simultaneously; and strange physical sensations.

1) Uncontrollable hysterical laughter.
2) Becoming objects (candle, chair, vegetable,…)
3) Overlapping realities. Being in several locations at once.
4) Loss of the body or identity.
5) Entering a 2-dimensional world.
6) Revisiting places from the past.
7) Weird physical sensations, being pulled or twisted.

Traditionally, Salvia is consumed by chewing the leaves for a long time and then swallowing them, or by drinking it as tea. Both methods aren’t very appetizing and you need to consume a large number of leaves. Nowadays, the most common way to take Salvia is to smoke the extract in a joint or (water-) pipe. If you’re not a regular smoker, then the water-pipe may be the best option.
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some lightly changed state of mind and nice talk with the plant. no visuals of any kind.



I never meet a herb with such strong healing potential for psychosomatic issues. When I was a kid, doctors tried on me almost every drugs they had, without success, things got only worst. In case, you found (as I did), that cannabis can help you with asthma, eczema,.. To compare it with Salvia, it's like soft touch from mother and straight shot from father. So, my experience:

half-hour of deep breathing, relaxing and listening meditation music. One pull from a pipe. I felt the wave of energy moving from right to the left. When it reached my body, I felt as it went directly trough it. One small scratch on my arm, one small point of pain, on the exactly same place when I used to have an eczema when I was child. The wave (similar like fire on the wind) extended the feeling through whole body. I was in flames and unimaginable pain. Almost more than 30 years I didn't have such agony and despair. I was the kid in the pain again, not able to breathe. Even the magic mantra: "leave it, don't fight with it, let it grow and let it flow away" it looked as the mantra doesn't help, so strong it was.
It was only for few seconds and then I continued with the therapy and stayed breathing/relaxing for next 2 hours.

Long story short, in case you have similar issue, take care of proper setting. It could unblock huge psychosomatic pain and push it directly to your mind. Combination with body-therapy could increase the healing power of the herb. In my opinion the proper setting is much more important as the usage of herb itself. Second try of Salvia had almost no effect on me, only nice and ecstatic feeling of body.

I'm not a doctor and I'm not a healer. I'm not trying to generalize the healing power of Salvia, only I had a need to share my experience. Maybe someone would find it useful.

Thanks, take a care and enjoy the health :)

hey , beautiful product , received very fast , and a awesome feeling everytime , one of my friends thought he was riding a horse and was screaming " jump on your horses , come on , grab your swords , stop laughing you k&#ts" ... ive had alot of experience with 10 and 20 , id say great for beginners ... thanks shayana...


I'd say first off - be cautious, it doesn't take much. First time I did the 5x was brilliant, tv and radio talking to me "come with us" etc. Felt a "pull" on my left arm, which stopped at my neck. One arm in a different reality, hmmm. Had another hit and let my whole body embrace this alternate reality. Proper hallucinations. Slightly freaky but kind of cool.
15x was completely different. Found myself 10 minutes later in the corner of my bathroom, turning round and round, the "pull" effect. It scared me, I won't lie.
This is proper shaman shit. Am looking forward to trying it with others. It's kind of like instant mushrooms/LSD which wears off after a little while. It is cumulative though, so each hit is more intense than the last. Be warned!

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