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Amanita Muscaria

The Amanita Muscaria or fly agaric extract can be smoked, swallowed or taken as tea. If smoked pure the effects are more subtle, but it is a nice addition to self-made smoking blends. If taken orally, its effects are much stronger, and in higher dosages it can lead to hallucinations.

Often, the effects start with a relaxation and later go over into sleep with many dreams. Many consumers report the sleep feels very deep and that, after waking up, one feels very energized.
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you must consume amanita on an empty stomach in order to feel effect. 6 hours not eating will do ok. I gind amanita with a coffee grinder and then take 1,5 of a photo tape tube (don't know how much that would be in grams) mixing amanita with milk or some kind milk drink. The effect is great, comes about 2 hours after eating it. I use it for divanation with tarot cards. Do not know better plant for magical issues.


Great taste! Nothing else though..

Took 10 grams and nothing happened.Terrible.


its great:)i love it

Nice taste.. no effect on me what so ever.

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