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Trichocereus Pachanoi (San Pedro Cactus)

Trichocereus pachanoi or San Pedro

These specimens are grown in the Netherlands and are not taken from nature.

San Pedro Cactus (also: Echinopsis pachanoi) The San Pedro is a long columnar Cactus growing in South America in countries such as Peru and Boliva. It can become 6 metres high and 15 centimetres thick. The stem has four to nine rounded ribs. They have three to ten yellow to brown coloured thorns (spines). The length of the longest central spines is two centimetres.

The San Pedro Cactus is an ancient holy columnar Cactus which contains much of the alkaloid Mescaline . The San Pedro Cacti are the most magical plants of South-America. These mystic plants have been known by Shamans from the year 1300 B.C. onwards. The name San Pedro is derived from the holy St. Peter, who is considered to hold the keys to heaven. In the same way, the San Pedro cactus acts like a portal to an other hallucinogenic dimension.


Mescaline is the most potent mind-expanding compound found in San Pedro Cacti. It induces visual hallucinations, visions, sometimes accompanied by sounds. A San Pedro trip is less strong than a Peyote trip. The Peyote Cactus contains not only Mescaline, but many other alkaloids making the trip more intense.
Maximum Mescaline content in a fresh living San Pedro varies between 0,1 – 0,2 %. In dried cacti, mescaline content amounts to 1 - 2 %.


Dry the cuttings of the San Pedro Cactus in a horizontal position for a period of three weeks. Pot the cuttings (6-8 cm long) in normal dry potting-soil in a pot measuring 7 cm in diameter. After two weeks, give a little water (1/3 to 1/4 part of the content of the pot). Repeat this until the Cactus starts growing. Then, totally soak the pot with water every two weeks. After a few hours, remove the excess water coming out underneath the pot. Add some special Cactus-fertilizer each month to ensure a better growth. Don't water in the winter months. There won’t be enough light for the cactus to grow in a healthy way. Instead it will grow smaller, weaker and longer.

If you are living in Western-Europe, don't water from October 1st to March 1st. In Southern-Europe, don't water from October 15 to February 15. Place the potted San Pedro in full sunshine, but do not let temperatures exceed 60 degrees Celsius (closed areas). San Pedro Cacti endure cold up till minus 10 degrees Celsius !

For more info on growing and the San Pedro cactus in general, see the book: Trout’s Notes on The Cultivation & Propagation Of Cacti, also for sale at Shayana.
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I cannot speak to it ceremonial content but it arrive at a very deep green colour. Quite healthy looking. I've stuck it in some dirt for now with intentions of striking roots. Will keep posted

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