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Special Request


NITROUS™: Arginine AKG is in for a fight…

Supercharged Muscle Injection!

Tired of swallowing handfuls of horsepills containing citrulline and arginine-based “NO2” products? Tired of paying inflated prices for a product that is not the best on the market? Introducing NitrousTM, a custom engineered product that overcomes the downfalls of every other “NO2” product on the market.

Because of the neutral taste, NitrousTM is sold as a powder and can be easily and unnoticeably mixed with water, juice or other favorite beverages. Not only is NitrousTM perfectly bioavailable with its IonisTM delivery system, but the combination of arginine and malic acid (malate) creates a one-two punch that gives its user unbeatable insulin secretion, muscle pumps, vascularity, energy production and recovery.

The Arginine makes sense, but why the AKG?

The positive effects of L-Arginine on Nitric Oxide production are well established, but there are no published studies regarding Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate and Nitric Oxide production. There seems to be no synergistic or physiological explanation as to why Arginine AKG would be any more effective than L-Arginine in boosting Nitric Oxide levels. Some industry experts are even of the opinion that one of the chief metabolites of AAKG (L-Glutamine) actually works to inhibit Nitric Oxide synthesis.

Why Nitrous?
1/3 the cost of competitors products.
Pumps – Vascularity – Energy - Recovery
Better than Citrulline Malate.
Mixes well with any beverage.
Powder Form – 300 grams – 5 grams per serving – 30 day supply (at max dose).
Better Than Arginine AKG.

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