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Sharpstone Pollen T-Press Deluxe

Sharpstone Pollen T-Press Deluxe
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Special Request


SharpStone_PollenTPress01.jpg SharpStone Pollen T-Press Deluxe SharpStone_PollenTPress02.jpg SharpStone Pollen T-Press Deluxe SharpStone_PollenTPress03.jpg SharpStone Pollen T-Press Deluxe
SharpStone's super heavy duty T-Press pollen presser will turn the kief from your herb grinder into a compressed disc of homemade hash! Pressing pollen dust into a disc will preserve its potency and make it easier to store and to smoke. This stylish piece features the SharpStone logo and comes in a gorgeous gift box for storage or display.

• Authentic SharpStone Premium Pollen Press
• Made of Anodized Aircraft Aluminum
• T-Press Handle makes is easy to press
• Includes Free SharpStone Gift Box

Available in 3 sizes:
• S: 8.9cm Tall - Forms 1.9cm Diameter Pollen Cake
• L: 13.5cm Tall - Forms 2.5cm Diameter Pollen Cake
• XL: 15.7cm Tall - Forms 3.2cm Diameter Pollen Cake

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