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Wispr Vaporizer

Wispr Vaporizer
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WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE is the second generation of Iolite portable vaporizers. It containes an upgraded patented butane delivery system and mouthpiece, so you can enjoy the best possible experience, time after time. Its waffle style grill vents heat away from the unit, keeping it cool to the touch. It has a foldable vapor tube.

The WISPR stands hands free, heats up in less than a minute, and can offer up to 3 hours of enjoyment per refill. Refilling the butane chamber is quick and easy, it fills in less than 30 sec. The Fuel Gauge allows the user to keep track of how much butane is available and eliminates any worries that the butane is not entering the fuel cartridge properly. The WISPR Vaporizer by IOLITE delivers a smooth and consistent flavor through Iolite’s unique vaporization process.

Its brand new features include:
-Up to 3 hours of continuous vaporization
-Advanced Butane Efficiency - Fill less, save more
-Butane Fuel Gauge
-Internal Heating Catalyst

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