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Travel through thoughts, along places of recognition; journey through time and space. See more in a second than you could ever see in all eternity. Gaze upon lively and intense dreamscapes. Be, perceive and admire!

takes you on an inward voyage bringing to life your deepest thoughts. Live synesthesia to the fullest. With BC², intense is the keyword; intense change of perception of the world around you.

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Brought this many times...its great!


These caps contain a mixture of Morning glory and Hawaiian baby woodrose powder, so the active ingredient is LSA.
They're good, I had a hell of a trip with it, and not much bodyload. The only problem is that I had to take 7 to get the effects. So, only one trip per box.
You might want to try Jolly Trippy or Trip-e instead (though I haven't tried them yet).

i posted a comment earlier stating that the're really not that good the reason for this is that i was really dissapointed by the effect, cause it states on the box that required effects are approx. 30mins but in actual fact it took about 2hours but after 2hours it really does take effect lol !! it's a really good buzz but the effect time is abit of a let down other than that ***** stars !!!


What a load of shit!! The pills that i received are obviously not the ones i ordered because for a start there advertised as being blue and white the ones that i received are completly white and are nowhere close to a trip pill it's more like a sleeping pill , i've had more powerfull paracetemol !!!! Really not happy !

nausea set aside, it's quite good. I took 4 caps and had a good fun all night. it's similar to low dose LSD. recommended!


this gotta be good! :-) i´m trying em noowww! psy 4 all Pz the pete

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