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My Weigh Mxt-100

Scales are often not very handy in size and shape. Often their design complicates its function instead of making it easier. But the new My Weigh MXT is an exception to this unfortunate trend. Apart from a good looking design, it also offers many practical improvements. It fits in any pocket or bag and is operational in no time. The weighting platform occupies nearly 70% of the entire scale’s surface. You can also use the lid to expand the platform. So even weighing big and dried buds or shrooms is a piece of cake.

The My Weigh MXT measures down to 0.1 grams and has a maximum weighing capacity of 100 grams. The scale is equipped with the WEIGHMETER™ technology, which instantly gives you a visual warning when you are close to overloading the scale so as to prevent it from damage. Unlike many current models, this touch screen is easy to use and not packed with hundreds of different buttons. The My Weigh has one single touch screen, with one to turn the scale on and off, one for tare and a button to set the mode.

Special Features:
- WEIGHMETER™ technology to prevent damage from overloading
- Automatic off function if not in use
- Weighing platform made of stainless steel
- 30 year replacement warranty-CE
- Big 5-digit LCD with blue backlight
- 2 x CR2032 Lithium batteries (included)

3.5" x 2.3" x 0.6"
100g – 0.1g
g, oz, ct, gn

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