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Red Alert

Red Alert
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Special Request


Red Alert ! No dear friends, there's no need to panic. On the contrary : Red Alert is for the party people out there. Its mix of ingredients stirs up hot energy for a hot night out in town. If you never want to be the first to leave the party; look no further, because Red Alert can give you that little bit extra to go clubbing until even the deejay wants to go home. This energizer is considered the most speedy of them all, so it might be too much for a candlelight dinner...But who needs softness and romance when the music keeps on playing on and on...
Each capsule contains Citrus Aurantium extract 6%, Piper Longum, Caffeine, Betaine HCL, Salix Alba extract 25%, Nicotine Acid


To supplement your normal diet, take 1-2 capsules, 1-3 times a day. A balanced diet will include sufficient vitamins.



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