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Yellow cabs
Need a lift? Yellow Cabs picks you up and escorts you to your favourite club in the sizzling big city. You are guaranteed to have a laugh because of Tyrosine, which has a positive effect on your mood. Other ingredients that make Yellow Cabs a ride worth taking include strong stimulants such as Guarana, Citrus Aurantium and Taurine.
In the past Yellow Cabs has already picked up and escorted many guests home safely, and is bound to stay one of our top selling products in the future.

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got a psych energy pack a while ago and have been having the recomended 4 caps... 5th gear were great and dionasis were good after whole pack, but im a tripper from hell. these yellow cabs that i have had in cupboard for about 3 months are great, i was just about passed out and had 3 caps. 30min later i was boosted, no longer drunk but like i was on the crank..............thanks again shayana

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