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Say yes to Slo-Mo!

They say that if you use Slo-Mo, you’ll see the world in a different way. They say it will get your bong cleaner than anything in life. Funny thing is… they’re right!

Thanks to a combination of special ingredients, you’re done cleaning so fast, that time itself seems to have slowed down. Although it’s one of our most powerful products, this awesome gel is real easy to dose making it the perfect choice for experienced users and new bong owners alike.

Slo-Mo smells like a cinnamon role and can be used to clean glass bongs, bowls, base-pipes, dirty aluminum foil and even your cigarette holder. Whatever smoking device you use; a dot of Slo-Mo is guaranteed to give you a once in a lifetime experience!

One vial of BB Slo-Mo contains 2 ml. With an average dose of 0,5 ml, you can clean your bong four times from a single unit.

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Note: steer before use.


Not intended for human consumption.
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took me quite a while 'till I figured out what's the best way to take Slo-Mo, for me it's smoking ;)

just get your Bong, wrap some aluminium foil over the bowl (like a Hookah), make some holes in it and put a little bit of Slo-Mo on top. You really don't need much of it, since you can smoke it like infinite least that's what it feels like to me^^
I can go on quite a bit more than 4 trips with 2ml of Slo-Mo...

great stuff, thank you :)

I'm just a little curious about the ingredients..someone?


Very predictable effect - this is a positive. Rather rapid rise in tolerance but overall worth the money.

Very good stuff :) you can smoke this from everything :) even joint if you mix on tobacco or something else and let it dry. then grind it, roll a joint and enjoy :) effects are really strong and different. I have smoked so much that i laugh a lot and have a nice trip and my friend that haven't smoked a lot feeled that his dying and get sick feeling and sayed that did see tiny hallusinations. So mayby not for someone that haven't smoked a long time or are "beginner".


Smoke this and you'll be guaranteed a trip to outer space. Glad you guys carry this.

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