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Deuterium Chill Pills

Deuterium - These pills are formulated to clean any bong, pipe and incense bowl with a smile.
At the same time, Deuterium will dance in a dreamy way through the bong and even group-hardcore-smoking binges can´t make the bong dirty for at least 90 minutes. Available in three quantities: 1 container of 4 pills, 2 containers of 4 pills and 5 boxes of 4 pills.


Bong has to be empty for at least 4 hours.

1 pill - For bongs of people that hardly smoke, so not dirty at all.
2 pills - For bongs of people that smoke regularly, or medium dirty bongs.
3 pills - For bongs of people that smoke all the time, or very dirty bongs.
4 pills - Not advisable, this is not good for your bong, buy a new bong.

When in doubt, we suggest you always use 1 pill to see the effect.
If it is not clean enough, then you know the next time you can clean with 2 pills.
Later on, if after one hour your bong is still not clean, you can add one pill.


Not intended for human consumption.
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I had one of these the other day. Took 2 of them. Like with most things you take through the mouth, it takes sometime to hit. This time changes from people to people. It dependant on what youve had to eat and when etc..... But stick with it.

The over all feeling was pretty similar to smoking. Graet to be able to feel that way and not have to poison lungs!!!


Awesome product !

I recently had to give up the real thing for job purposes, and not being a fan of the smokeables I thought I'd give these a try. I took one at first, which being an experienced smoker didn't do too much for the first hour or so. At which point I decided to drop another, which I felt after about 20 minutes. I had like it says on the packaging a very "dreamy" stoned feeling for about 6 hours, which was just awesome.

Very similar to the real thing and I can only recommend it. At least this way you don't have to smoke chopped up plants sprayed with synthetics.

Subject took 1 on an empty stomach (no food intake for 4 hours) with half a pint of water.
+45 minutes: had slight sleepy feeling, but overall subject wondered whether they'd made a mistake.
+15 minutes: still nothing. Subject took 2 more.
+45 minutes: still no noticeable difference apart from desire to lie down and close eyes.
+60 minutes: subject suddenly aware that standing and moving around was difficult and head exceptionally fuzzy.
Visual distortions kicked in (furniture and door became much bigger) and subject felt like was being shrank and stretched.
Room spinning, euphoric and very very stoned feeling.
Heart racing and breathing shallow. Head empty of logic thought.

Subject experienced this high peak for a number of hours afterwards (6 to 8 hours) and realised that 3 was far too much and should have waited up to 2 hours before deciding whether to take another one.
After 24 hours - still feeling stoned.



Just amazing! They give you a very good high for at least 6 hours like you ate a cookie or brownie. Highly recommended xD

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