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Protium Chill Pills

Protium - These pills are formulated to clean any bong, pipe and incense bowl.
It will smoothly take away the dirt from the bong.
With a clear head, a relaxed feeling and a clean bong you're ready to rock once again!


Bong has to be empty for at least 4 hours.

1 pill - For bongs of people that hardly smoke, so not dirty at all.
2 pills - For bongs of people that smoke regularly, or medium dirty bongs.
3 pills - For bongs of people that smoke all the time, or very dirty bongs.
4 pills - Not advisable, this is not good for your bong, buy a new bong.

When in doubt, we suggest you always use 1 pill to see the effect. If it is not clean enough, then you know the next time you can clean with 2 pills. Later on, if after one hour your bong is still not clean, you can add one pill.


1 Pill
2 Pills
3 Pills


Not intended for human consumption.
Can be addictive please use with moderation.

Customers Reviews Protium Chill Pills Share your experience


I personally didn't notice any cleaning. I tried to put two in my bong at two separate times, and then I just waited and eventually fell asleep.


Wooow to bad i only can give a 5 it is worth +10
Very good product!
I haven't smoked a long time because it was making me paranoid.
So my Bongs was real dirty. I made sure it was empty couple hours before.
After 20min i saw something but after 50min the real cleaning effect started it was relaxed, but not sleep, Super horney, en very euphoric ecstasy feeling

And after the bong was clean, and residues that would make you feel bad!

I think i will clean my other bong today :-)

Really work these pills! Great feeling in my head and also lots of energy which is strange thing to feel at the same time!

The best thing about this, is that you get a cleaner bong with having to dirty it in the first smoke = no smells = do it anywhere. No one will ever know.

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