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Dutch Manali Essence

Dutch Manali “Essence” incense brings together some of the finer qualities of it two predecessors. This quality solid is more for the experienced incense burner who enjoys the flavor and scent of a deeper blend. Expect to experience the same spiritual feeling that you are used to seeing in Indian incense and join this with a delayed chakra activation that comes in to free your mind and energize your spirit. Another great addition to the Dutch Manali Herbal Incense series.
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I've been using this product since 6 months now and I must admit I'm in love with it! I saw that only a few comment were written in English and this is why I give you my advice: don't hesitate to buy Manali Essence because this is simply gret.
Plus, I never had any problem with Shayana, they are fast-shipping and well-packing they're products.
The only thing we can reproach to this product is its smell that can be a little disturbing at the beginning but I assure that you will soon forget about it!
To conclude, a really good product that is really really close to mar*juana effects, sold by a remarkable website!


potent enough stuff, better than what u find otherwise, nice special aroma to it, although i sometimes have this heavy stomach feeling, specially on full stomach. recommended!

Subjects report a high similar to that of a quality sativa hash. It is reported to be very relaxing and enjoyable, with little substance needed for the desired effect. Subjects did express an interest in the specifics of the active compound in this and other solids from this shop. The only information that was disclosed is that it is some type of synthetic canabanoid possibly from the JWH family. Some more transparency on the matter would be desirable, if not on site, then in an offline e-mail to those who inquire.


smells awsome like tea from a linden tree and burns you, awsome produkt with a really good price-quality ratio.

love it.

Great Stuff
Cant tell the difference from the real thing
Yum yum


envoie rapide. j'ai couler une d et entammée un joint. le gout n'rest pas derangeant. le high est présent pas de quoi casser 4 pate a 1 canard mais sa fait le taff

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