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The SUPERMAN of all blends, BARIUM is back and better than ever! Powerful and Smooth, the perfect combination of herbal solid blends.


Strong body high, psychoactive stimulation, intense stimulation


Effects are enhanced when experienced with a positive mood, good music and a comfortable environment.


Not intended for human consumption. Caution: it is strongly advised to avoid mixing substances, as it may have a negative or possibly harmful effect on your experience.
We don't ship this product to:
Norway , Sweden , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Good stuff ! im not too fond of the taste or smell but its the best high i have gotten from a legal alternative very close to the real thing....Cheers shayana i will definitely be back for more


Very surprisingly good. Hard to believe how good it is.

This stuff is strong and takes about 5 minutes to kick in so use a little and wait to see how it's working.

It's a very heady high at its peak and has a sleepy comfortable come down.

I'd recommend using it in a bong rather than a pipe, as it can be harsh in a pipe.

I felt like I had little glass pipes showering water all over my brain and felt a strong sense of euphoria.

My friend took a little too much at once and had an out of body experience which started with her feeling trapped in her body and not being able to speak, then in her trip she flew out the window and travelled to a few different places before coming back into the room.

She said it was the most amazing and terrifying experience of her life.

So use this product wisely!



At first, I was skeptical. I expected that hash which wasn't actually hash would never be able to replace the high felt from ordinary hash. When I saw the semi-hard block I received, which didn't smell much like weed, I got even more skeptical. But I had paid for it, so I of course tried it with my brother. The result? When we were halfways through smoking the joint, in which we had used 1 gram, we were suddenly high, and not just ordinarily high, but more high than usual. And we smoke weed daily, it takes a lot to surprise us. I sometimes smoke weed without even feeling anything, but that wasn't the case here. I recommend Barium to anyone who wanna get a special and LEGAL high. Good job, Shayana!! This can't be recommended enough, me and my brother will definetely order some more sooner or later.

supurb quite strong but them i'm greedy lol really nice effects


The best replacement I have ever tried! Very authentic all in all. A goog and strong cleaner. Like this small product more than the Blend (Herbs) Version because of the authentic taste and the easiness to dosage. Try it!!!
Be carefull and don´t take too much of it - realy strong if you don´t have a "tolerance".

nice feeling easy to smoke nice experience :-)


Sooo StronG product ,,, when i smoked it could not even play my music ,i got so high and my spirit really left me ..By the way i am a daily marijuana smoker and i thought it can not be as strong as marijuana.but really it is even much more ...

best hash available so close to the real thing its just unreal stronger than most of the weed i get round here to :) just wish it was cheaper lol


Wow! Way better than I expected -- very similar to the real thing. A little goes a long way. Try it. You won't be disappointed. :)

very good substitute :: congrats ``~
a must for people with hardened ideas or ideals
psychedelic waves from the green grass of finland
keep listening to Talking heads!!


I'm a first time user after my first time i was in a another WORLD. I think i used to much so if your like me better be careful how much you use good stuff though.

It's barium 😎
No need for a long talk just try it then u will know what I mean 😍😈
Age of Ultron will be 4 real 😁
Food ohh god will be delicious πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜‹
In the other hand music is what u will live FOR 😱😈😎😍😘
That's it am out
Cold play adveture of LIFE TIME 😍right now


Excellent stuff! Nice and strong, taste is different but ok. We will be buying again as it was really worth the money! Don't underestimate it, when it hits you, it really hits you!!! Ha, ha, good times! Warm it up well before using as it's quite hard. Overall, a different, highly recommended experience. :)

This the most realistic hash replacement ever.
Smell like it, got very nice and smooth taste, not like blends that taste like thee!
Very nice and uplifting high :-)


quite strong stuff but my absolute fafourite of legal hights^^

big thx to the shayana team, i only have positive experiences with your products.

keep doing like you did.


Vraiment sympa! A part l'odeur de paraphine, on a un bonne reproduction de shit. Comme tous les produis BongBastic la claque est au rendez-vous.


Unbelievable! I was surprised how strong it is. But do not waste this stuff in the joint!. Use bong! Colorful hallucinations you can control. I think in an bong it is stronger than hash. I will sure order again.

Pretty good stuff this - went straight to my head and lifted my thoughts up a level or two. Which is exactly what I want from these chemicals.

I didn't like so much two effects on the body: made me sweat a lot (have to change my Tshirt half way through the night!), and left me constantly hungry, so I gained a couple of kilos in a few weeks.

Had a bit of a mood crash after stopping too, but that might be just me, that kind of crash happens to me about every year or so, might be just co-incidence that this year's one came just after the Barium. Or might not.


yes, one of the greatest product of Hash i have used..
leaves you satisfied for the whole duration of its effect!
a must have! and certainly good to have
waiting for more ..such ideas from shanayashop

This stuff.. oh my god!
Sooooooooo strong!
I mean I'm not a habitual weed smoker but I've tried it before and it has NOTHING on this. This is like some really strong stuff that I've never encountered before. I've done weed, magic mushrooms, LSD, ayahuasca BUT NONE have ever come to this sort of high! I don't know if its because I wasn't expecting it but I def had a bad trip with this beast. Smoked it in a joint, five minutes later I felt like I was floating and couldn't retain anything longer than a millisecond. It was defiantly something that should be respected, I thought. I then proceeded to have one of the first OBE's in two years where I felt like I was rolling out of my body and the music that I was playing was becoming more and more distant. I was too scared so I pulled back but then I realised it was too strong for me, I thought it wasn't going to be as bad but It was something else - wow! I then started sweating like CRAZY! Like I was literally drenched in sweat as if I was just in a pool and my mother came in to check on me - should've thought about that first but I'm still lucky because my blood pressure had dropped and I was puking up all my food from two to three hours ago. I couldn't answer her when she asked me questions but I made sure not to let her to take me to the hospital ^^ I knew I was just having a bad trip and needed to respect the drug more if I was to do it again, but it truly was powerful.. I even think I got some visions from my future and destroyed some of my old negative beliefs. This drug forcibly opened up my chakras like nothing had before, I felt if there was a spirit in my room or near my house it could've definitely entered me. It truly is what I feel like psychotic people have to go through all the time... I thought I would stay that way forever and felt so sorry for my mother for finding me like that. Seriously, if you are going to do this PLEASE go in with respect and to not take two much - a tic tac size EVEN SMALLER is about right. Please be safe!
But, in the end of the day I really respect and love this product because it gave me another perspective of life that I didn't know existed! Truly a journey, thank you Shayana!


Loved this. I was one of those people that were sceptic about these types of products. Man was I wrong! This is an excellent substitute for hash. I always felt that hash makes you feel more of what your feeling. ie if you feeling happy,it will make you happy, if your feeling tiered,it will make you feel more tiered...... This product always makes you feel happy and light! Laughter is guaranteed. Plus the fact that you can burn this anywhere is great news

This blend is really,really strong,it kicks in very quickly, i was not in a good frame of mind when i first tried, and it scared the shit out of me,Passed after about an hour so i had a bath then a cup of tea and had another go and was very nice indeed, perhaps because i was more relaxed.


The fun part is that I am hungry afterwards,more like craving for anything eatable :P
Just great stuff..and I really love the fact that next day i wake up lightheaded no matter how much.

Réelle perte de notion du temps, comme une bonne weed d'amsterdam.^^
On se perd dans sa tête, on divague, on regarde une vidéo, on écoute de la musique, on lit ses mails, on a l'impression de faire plein de trucs, que ça dure des heures et, quand on regarde, on se rend compte qu'en fait, on a tiré qu'une taff et que ça fait même pas 20 minutes...
Pas besoin de plus! Alors ne dosez pas trop, les effets pour moi ont étés plus puissants que la Nepal Temple Ball, le Pollen ou le Dutch Orange Intense.
A consommer avec modération pour vraiment enjoy le truc, je pense.^^

(PS: the captcha to prove i'm not a robot for posting this comment is insane.^^)


I've been smoking this stuff almost daily for about 2-3 months now and its amazing. It's better than any real hash or weed I've gotten. The high is amazing and really strong. A little goes a really really long way. I made the mistake of smoking too much the first couple times I smoked it, you really don't need a lot. I can't recommend this enough

Très bon produit, de bonnes sensations sans pour autant vous ramollir pendant des heures! J'en ai déjà commandée 3 fois sans jamais être déçu!


Love their products and have ordered from them over the years but many months ago they simply forgot to send an order when I was in Hungary hence their integrity is highly suspect. I had ordered the barium and seeds but the only thing that did manage to arrive was from a bunch of free samples. Even more suspect was when someone did manage to drop me a bunch of weed, and WOW it was nice; all I did was sit back and realize how we've all been duped.

Pfouaaaa ! la claque !
cela fait 25 ans que je fume de la beuh et autre shit et Cie .. je suis tombé parfois sur du lourd et du trés lourd, mais la !!! Quelle ROUSTE !!!!
ATTENTION a ceux qui fument peu, dosez au minimum sinon vous finirez la tète dans les chiottes.
Au pire, c est un bad trip de 15-20mn et si vous arrivez a trouver le bon dosage, ce n est que du bonheur, mais vraiment. La redescente est rapide, et vous retrouverez l esprit clair très très rapidement.


I think I am going to be a long-term customer before I found anything better than Shayana , I absolutely love these. fast delivery ( 3days) and good stuff! Thank you Shayana!!!

yeah its pretty close to the real thing but comes on quicker and harder and then dissipates quicker also...


Wow. This is pretty intense. Literally, start with 1/10th of what you'd normally use and go from there. 1 hour of almost uncontrollable trip. Wow.

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