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Hafnium Blend

This is the best option for the first time bong cleaning experience. Expect a fast uplifting result that has a fairly short duration. You can get your bong cleaning done in about 30-60 minutes and not experience too much intense work. You will find yourself giggling and wanting to share your bong cleaning experience with those around you. This is probably the most realistic Bong cleaning experience that is on the market.


1-5 mg
10-20 mg
20-30 mg


1-3 hours


Not intended for human consumption.

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no review so far? my favorite cleaner so far. strong enough but not to strong, and after 2 hours you can go out like nothing had happend.I give it a 4 on my personal bb blend scale,when Tritium is 1 and Deuterium a 10. enjoy it..

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