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Osmium Blend

In just a few minutes you will be up and cleaning your bong with the intense workout it needs. This product is definitely for the more experienced user. Expect to be cleaning your equipment for a good 45 minutes-2 hours with a more sedating energy. The cleaning effect can leave a slightly psychedelic finish on your glass bong which increases with intensity the more you use.


1-5 mg
10-20 mg
20 mg


1-3 hours


UR-144 (50mg per gram)


Not intended for human consumption.
Can be addictive please use with moderation.

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Pretty pleasant, bit trippy. Smoked it in little mini bong which was very enjoyable and a good way to make smokable last. THis is pretty strong as well so the mini bong or pipe can let you check out a hit and titrate the dose.

Not much of a stone over the next day in regards to a head ache etc but a bit sedated.

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