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Feel good, energize your body and stimulate your mind!

Feel good, energize your body and stimulate your mind!

Here you can enjoy Shayana’s brilliant selection of stimulating sensations which produce a variety of effects, from recreational to functional and everything in between.

What do they do?


Effects can range from energy and euphoria, to general enhanced mood and focus. Popular uses are for party and fun with friends, while others are cognitive enhancers which boost your mind power.



Whether as a study aid, to help stay awake and have energy for a fun night out with friends or to simply feel good, you can find everything you need to stimulate your desired senses, including aphrodisiacs that will give your sex life a boost! Bear in mind that some of these products may work better for some people and vice versa so it may be worth trying out a few different products before finding the right one for you.

Our Range

MOLLY - Exquisite Euphoria

Shayana's wide range of stimulants means that you are bound to find at least one product which works for you. There are many different ingredients which all are effective stimulants and energizers. are so easy to use you can literally just incorporate them into your daily diet. They come in the form of a energy drink and can be consumed at any time of the day although this may be dependent on what you are using it for. For example if you have a long night of studying to do and want something to keep you awake, alert and on the ball then the best time for you to take it would be at night time.

Natural & Chemical


With regards to stimulants, Shayana offers both natural and synthetic options depending on the desired effects. Natural stimulants are made entirely of 100% natural ingredients and have no additional chemicals within them at all. This range will be suitable for anyone concerned with putting any chemicals into their body and wish to maintain a completely natural diet. Our alternative range of stimulants is the chemical kind and this contains specific chemicals which are designed to work on the mind and body in order to provide increased energy levels and enhanced mood. These products are not harmful at all and in fact just mimic naturally occurring chemicals which are already in your body.

High Quality Guarantee


So have a look through the wide array of stimulants and order yours today. With Shayana's low prices and high quality ingredients, your satisfaction is completely guaranteed.

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