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Day After - Party Recovery

Day After - Party Recovery
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Day After was created specifically to help people recover after a night out. It features a nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals that help defend against the negative effects that typically follow a night out of partying and mixing substances.

Defend, protect, and replenish with a mix of essentials that help offset symptoms that prevent you from feeling your best.


Day After increases your bodies' energy levels so you feel more active and energised. It is also a stress reliever and benefits the mood and reduces the physiological stress response.


When to take Day After:
Best consumed after a night of fun at the club, festival, concert or house party, either right before bed or as soon as you wake up. Replenish the essential nutrients your body and mind need to help you wake up or start the day feeling good and revived


How to take Day After:
Dissolve all powder from the package in a large glass of water or milk and drink.


Vegan Whey protein, BCAA, D-ribose, Creatine, L-tryptophan, D,L-Phenylalanine, Alpha Lipoc Acid, Rhodolia Rosea extract, Citric Acid, Ascorbic acid, Co-enzyme Q10, Magnesium Citrate, Caffeine, CBD, Nicotinamide, Vitamin B & Mineral Complex.


This is a nutritional supplement and should not replace a proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Store dry and cool. Keep away from children.

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