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Greengo is a nicely flavoured herb mix that helps you quit smoking, serves as a tobacco substitute in joints and bongs, or as ingredient for herbal blends! Contains 4 natural herbs and no additives: hazel leaf, papaya, mint, eucalyptus

Greengo is an alternative to tobacco cigarettes for people who want to give up smoking but can’t suppress the need to smoke. It contains no tobacco and nicotine !

Greengo can also come in handy in Dutch coffee shops or other locations where smoking tobacco is not allowed. Through replacing tobacco by greengo, you can still enjoy a nicely balanced joint with weed and a nicely flavoured non-addictive tobacco substitute.

Thirdly, Greengo can also be used in home-made psychoactive smoking mixes to complete the taste, and improve smokeability and structure.

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This Greengo blend is extremely pleasant to smoke with a waterpipe - nice taste and seems to have a very mildy relaxing effect as well.
I also tried it in a joinf with Salvia and the taste is more pronounced but not bad :beware of the strong smell though!
Will definitely buy some more of this blend :)


Tastes bad. i cant smoke this! .

sympatoche mais de là à remplacer le tabac?ça n'a pas la mème texture donc c'est pas pratique à rouler...mais mélanger à du tabac en joints:ça apporte une sensation de détente plutot agréable;pas mal niveau qualité/prix,défonce plus que la laitue sauvage mais moins que la Dutch Orange mix...


bought this as a substitute to tobacco : not very good taste, does not burn very good, does not roll like tobacco. i was looking for something that has a discrete taste, this is the opposite, smells like all the plants of the forest, not a bad taste but too much for me.

Tabac sympathique, du tabac à la "biddies" sans nicotine, mais brûle un peu la gorge quand même ^^' Peut-être une question d'habitude. Au moins tu en fumera moins que des clopes ! =)

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