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Original Pre-Rolled Cones

Original Pre-Rolled Cones
King Size - 3 cones
Price € 1,95
Small - 6 cones
Price € 2,50
Giga (XL) - 1 cone
Price € 2,95
King Size - 6 cones
Price € 3,50
Cones_KS_3pk.jpg Original Pre-Rolled Cones Cones_Sm_6pk.jpg Original Pre-Rolled Cones Cones_Giga_1pk.jpg Original Pre-Rolled Cones Cones_KS_6pk.jpg Original Pre-Rolled Cones
These pre-rolled cones guarantee the best smoking experience. The cones are made of ultra-thin rolling paper for the optimum flavour experience. Above all, the cones guarantee an even, long-lasting burn for maximum smoking enjoyment.


Cones by Mountain High has been the go-to brand for ready-to-use rolling papers since 1994. The rolling paper features the original Cones watermark for the best in brand recognition. Furthermore, the watermark also ensures that the rolling paper burns evenly. The pre-rolled cones have a minimum overlap of paper (roughly 3 mm) and a minimum adhesive seam (roughly 0.7 mm). The adhesive is safe for consumption. The cones are provided with an integrated cardboard filter. This innovative filter tip allows as much smoke to flow through as possible and keeps whatever you fill the cone with from escaping. All these qualities guarantee a highly enjoyable and pleasurable smoking experience.

Available sizes:
• Small - 6 cones
• King Size - 3 cones
• King Size - 6 cones
• Giga (XL) - 1 cone

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