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A Beginners Guide To Mushroom Cultivation

If you are totally new in the world of mushroom cultivation and your looking for a handy guide to get you started, then the new book by guerilla growers, “a Beginner’s Guide to Mushroom Cultivation” is a good way to start.

The book is packed with dense information that immediately sets you on the right track to a nice and rich mushroom harvest.

A beginner’s guide to mushroom cultivation does not contain lengthy explanations or boring anecdotes, it cuts right to the chase and gives you a straight to the point introduction to what you need to know to grow your shrooms.

Of course, much more can be told about mushroom cultivation, but for novice mushroom growers this is all they need. As soon as you’ve mastered the techniques described in this handy little mushroom handbook, you will be ready to cultivate your shrooms on the next level.

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if u know nothing about mycelium this handy little pamphlet got me on my way to a awsum few crops thanks again shayana.


pretty good, my first attempt went wasted because of my sloppy environment but the second attempt was a success

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