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Diesel Cbd - Autoflower

Diesel Cbd - Autoflower
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Diesel CBD is a sativa-dominant CBD variety with a high THC to CBD ratio, making this cannabis strain great for daytime use. Its bright lime-green buds tend to form a round, shape with a firm, compact structure. The plant is easy to grow, resistant and produces tasty buds with uplifting effects.

Why choose Diesel CBD?
• High THC to CBD ratio
• Delicious taste and aroma
• Uplifting, energetic effects (perfect for daytime use)
• Very easy to grow (low maintenance)
• Impressive harvests


Diesel CBD is highly flavourful, with the characteristic citrus notes of the original Diesel and an uplifting yet relaxing, long-lasting effect that allows you to be productive, when needed.


Heavy resin means it’s great for extracts and oils. Diesel CBD is easy to grow and highly pest resistant.


Genetics: Sour Diesel x Harlequin x Turbo Diesel
Origin: USA
Seed Type: Autoflower
Variety: Sativa dominant hybrid (70% Sativa - 30% Indica)
Characteristics: Happy, Creative, Anytime
CBD: 7% / THC: 13%
Ratio: 1:2 (CBD:THC)
Climate: Sunny, Warm, Mediterranean, Tropical
Grow Difficulty: Easy
Plant Size: Medium to Tall
Plant Type: Branchy, bushy plant
Flowering period: 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest: 11 - 12 weeks total crop time
Yield (indoor): 350 - 450 gr/m2
Yield (outdoor): 50 - 150 grams

*Values obtained in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.


All product information is provided for informational and educational purposes only. The information is obtained from breeders and Shayana Seeds cannot guarantee its accuracy. Shayana Seeds offers cannabis seeds as a collectable adult genetic preservation souvenir and reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone we think might use them for cultivating cannabis in countries where it’s illegal.

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