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Supercaps Xtreme

Supercaps Xtreme. Capsules d’énergie sans éphédra


Avec du thé vert comme substance active, ces caps vous donneront une vague supplémentaire d’énergie sans avoir besoin d’éphédra. Ces aident également le corps à brûler de la graisse.


Prenez 1 capsule 2x par jour. Prenez une capsule le matin et une l’après-midi.
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Indeed, not as strong as ephedra, but complements it very well. Don't take two of ephedra or two of these, but one of each for a good mix.... Also, with some ginseng or ginko biloba it is a good starter. As always: on an empty stomach with loads of water and take enough water during the effect.- Unomi -


is a good energizer !
have taken 2 caps at once, the effect was good. they are not so strong as ephedra, but better than other things.

i think, the effect is influenced by your coffein level, if you drink a lot of coffee during the week, your body gets a coffein tolerance, so the effect of the cap works maybe 60 %.
if you drink one week or some days nothing that coontains coffein, then the effect of the cap is much more stronger and longer. maybe it also depends if you have an empty stomach or not.
anyway, two caps at once work very well, with or without coffein tolerance ...

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