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KRYPTONITE is a classic product in the range of natural ecstacies. It distinguishes itself from all the other alternatives for the "lovepill" of the 90's, by it's unique combination of substances that act synergistically to produce an effect that is unbelievebly close to "the real thing" from the early days. KRYPTONITE gives you a superdose of energy and a nice, spacey feeling. Moreover KRYPTONITE has a mindaltering (psychedelic) effect.


There are 4 capsules in one 'container'.
Take 1 capsule for a warm euphoric sensation, 2 capsules will provide the full on Super-KRYPTONITE-effect.
Do not underestimate the strength of KRYPTONITE and start out with 1 capsule to test your response.


Don't combine KRYPTONITE with big amounts of alcohol or any other drug!
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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