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Kanna (sceletium Tortuosum isoi) is a South African herb. The Hottentots (Khoi Khoi) used to snuff, chew and smoke the fermented and dried leaves usually in combination with cannabis (dagga). The use of Kanna was related to the hunt for the eland antilope, also called Kanna, which was a sacred animal to the bushmen and is a predominant and widely recurring feature of rock art in Southern Africa. After the arrival of the Dutch in Africa, the name Kanna was changed into kougoed, which means something to chew. There is still a place in the Karroo called Kanna Land where the plant used to be abundant.


Mesembrine en Mesembrenine are the two major active alkaloids in Kanna. In small doses it has a meditative effect. In higher doses, it initially produces a euphoric stimulation. After about an hour it changes to a trance-like sedation. The body experiences increased sensitivity and sensuality to touch, and numbness to pain. Other effects that have been reported are feeling free from fear and stress, higher sense of consciousness and increased focus and concentration. The fresh leaves also contain oxalic acid. This has been reduced to a minimum by a special traditional procedure, so this powder can be used as a snuff.


Kanna in combination with alcohol and/or cannabis will enhance each other's effects! In case of an overdose, nausea and headaches can occur but they usually pass rapidly. A large overdose can result in palpitations (rapid heartbeats).and anxiety. Elevates blood pressure. Do not use in combination withMAO inhibitors, drugs and/or medication. Do not use during pregnancy or nursing, when you have a history of psychosis or depression, when intending to operate motorized vehicles and under the age of 18. In case of doubt: consult a health care professional.
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Very pleasant stuff! I tried the sniff and, like the khoi khoi(and many others of us i suppose)in combination with Dutch Dagga and it gave first in small doses a slightly change, relaxed feeling.In higher doses(100-150mg@time)it became really stimulant and pleasant, got good laughs and a lot of fun


good antidepressant its a keeper

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