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Kokmok - The Energy Kick

The party fuel that gets you through the night !
Kokmok is a stimulating blend of active herbs such as Colanut, Galangal and Guarana mixed with alcohol (15%).  It will keep your engine running all through the night.
Colanut is a powerful stimulant. It provides you with extra energy and keeps you awake. Kolanut wil enable you to keep going for a longer period without feeling hungry. You will also experience improved concentration and a clear mind. Other effects include a mild high and aroused sexual desires. Galangal stimulates the blood flow in body and brain. It gives you better health and improved vitality. Other effects include aroused desire as well as a warm sensation, a clear mind and altered visual perceptions. Guarana is well known for its stimulating properties. People around the world use is as a natural energy booster.
Get a kick start with Kokmok !
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Customers Reviews Kokmok - The Energy Kick Share your experience


gave me a nice, useful lift/ kick of energy, moment of energy when i needed it. not bad for the price at all, better than a lot of these energy shot that i've tried that are vitamin based. i was pretty wasted at the time so it didn't last long but at least it kicked in which, considering my state, is very commendable.


Didnt feel the energy right away, although after a few hours the concentration really kicked in, no distracting visuals, light pressure in the back of my skull but not necessarily unpleasent

Hey there lads . This is such a smooth and joyfull boost . Take it while its in stock . 100%%%%

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