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Power V8 - Natural Sex Enhancer

Rapid erection without side effects - 100% natural aphrodisiac!

By combining ingredients of natural origin used for thousands of years to improve male performance, Power V8 increases the level of male hormones, dilates blood vessels and helps stimulate libido. These improvements will help you maintain an active sex life that is sure to please your partner and make you feel a renewed sense of confidence.


Benefits of Power V8:
• Maintain an erection
• Increased potency
• Delayed ejaculation so sex lasts longer
• Improved mood and sex drive
• Increase confidence and self-esteem


Power V8 is a potency supplement, safe, without side effects, which is made from herbs and ingredients of natural origin. Throughout history, people have tried to have a sex life that satisfies them. Men are interested in satisfying their partner at the same time and thus frustrations or discomforts may arise. There is also the possibility that the needs may change with age and the man may no longer feel like in his youth. Power V8 is a reliable help when these problems occur. These natural ingredients have been used since ancient times to enhance sexual potency!


1 capsule 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. 


The effects can be felt up to 72 hours after administration! 


Each box contains 4 capsules (550mg per capsule).

Power V8 contains 100% natural ingredients that are guaranteed to help improve your sex life and satisfy your partner’s desires:

• Ginko Biloba: reduces anxiety, helps improve blood circulation, increases sexual appetite and relieves sexual dysfunction.

• Rhodiola: this plant is known for its properties to promote sexual and physical performance.

• Cinnamon: relieves erectile dysfunction and stimulates the circulatory system.

• Goji berries: increases the amount of semen and helps improve sexual resistance.

• Leek extract: promotes blood vessel dilation, contributes to increased nitric oxide production and has aphrodisiac properties.

• Ginseng increases the energy level in the body, reduces fatigue and prevents impotence.


Not recommended for use under 18. If pregnant, nursing or taking a prescription drug, consult your health care professional. Do not exceed recommended dose. Consumption may impair ability to drive or operate heavy equipment. Not recommended for consumption with alcoholic beverages. Do not take together with antidepressant medication. Do not use when you have a history of psychosis. Health Disclaimer

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