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Passiflora Edulis Seeds

Passiflora Edulis Seeds
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Passiflora edulis or passion flower is a blue or purple perennial vine native to South America. It is a member of the Passiflora family, whose fruit is known as passion fruit or maracuja.


Several species of this plant are used in teas or are consumed as herbal supplements for their sedative, antispasmoic and anxiolytic effects. The plants also helps fight insomnia and improves sleeping quality. It reduces tooth- and headaches. During the pre-Columbian era, it was often used to treat arterial hypertension.

Frequent usage of the plant will not cause  tolerance to develop nor does it have an addictive effect. It can be used externally to treat burn wounds and skin irritation. [usage] Almost all soils are suited for the cultivation of passiflora, except very dry or alkaline soils. Nevertheless, the most preferred soil type is well drained and mineral rich soil. Peat or compost are also perfectly suited.

The plant needs a humid and not too cold environment. In areas where winters remain mils, the plant can be planted in the earth

It adapts to all kinds of light, be it indirect or direct sunlight. If you choose to use artificial light, use neon, HPS or MH lights. The ideal temperatures for the passion flower are between 15 and 35° Celsius. In colder conditions the plant will grow less fast. If it’s warmer, the plant will grow a lot faster, but will need much more humid conditions to compensate for the high temperature.

Passiflora edulus seeds must be sewn and covered by ½ cm of moist peat. Afterwards, place the flower pot in a mini greenhouse at a high temperature (25/35°). Then, let it germinate for 10 to 15 days. 
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