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Nicotiana Tabacum Seeds

Nicotiana Tabacum Seeds
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The Nicotiana Tabacum seeds we offer are usually harvested this or last year for full freshness. If our fresh seeds are used properly, 4 out of 5 seeds will germinate.

Currently, there exist many different tobacco varieties. Tobacco is an annual plant with thin but long leaves that are about 30 cm in length. The entire plant can grow up to 180 cm. Tobacco forms purple-red flowers that are 30-60 cm long, which is characteristic for the tropical regions of America.

Growing instructions:

Seeds and Germination:
- Prepare the seedbeds using finely sieved soil (high sandy loam content), preferably in early spring.
- Spread the seeds equally onto the soil.
- Take a flat object and press the seeds gently into the soil.
- The flats can be watered by spraying water onto them, but it is better to let them soak up water from the ground. Never water directly from the top.

- After seedlings emerge, place the beds in a sunny spot.
- If the seedlings have grown big enough to transplant them, put them into single flowering pots or directly into the garden. If planted in the garden, make sure the soil is sufficiently fertilized. If you decide to plant them in a garden, maintain 90 cm spacings between the rows and 30 cm spacings between plants.

- Ensure the plants receive sufficient light/sun and plenty of water.
- If flowers appear, remove them in order to obtain thicker and larger leaves.
- Replace the soil every year after each crop or fertilize it heavily. Tobacco sucks up nearly all the recources from the ground.

Please keep in mind these instructions are the bare essentials to obtain the highest alkaloid content. But as you can see yourself, the tobacco market contains tons of different products and harvesting methods. Common tobacco products today are cured, which is a profession on its own.
The harvested leaves are to be dried in the shade or indoors as soon as they are picked. Direct sunlight or heat should be avoided. Heating will destroy many alkaloids.


Tobacco that has been dried without heat and further curing is extremely strong and there is a real risk of overdosage or even death
In case the tobacco is applied for hallucinogenic purposes the risk of addiction and long term health effects are low. The risks related to frequent consumption are known. (addiction, cancer, cardiovascular problems, reduced lung functions, heavy breathing, coughing and more).
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