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Opium Poppy Seeds

Poppy, Papaver somniferum L., is an annual herb native to Southeastern Europe and western Asia. Also known as opium poppy, the species is cultivated extensively in many countries, including Iran, Turkey, Holland, Poland, Romania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, India, Canada, and many Asian and Central and South American countries. Reaching a height of 1.2 meters, the erect plant can have white, pink, red, or purple flowers. Seeds range in color from white to a slate shade that is called blue in commercial classifications.

Poppy seeds are used as a condiment with baked goods and pastries for their nutty odor and flavor. Poppy oil is widely used as an edible cooking oil. The oil is also used in the manufacture of paints, varnishes, and soaps .Opium is used in the production of morphine, codeine, other alkaloids, and deodorized forms of opium .Morphine is the raw material from which heroin is obtained. Poppy plants are important as ornamental plants in flower gardens.

Poppy is one of the most important medicinal plants. Traditionally, the dry opium was considered an astringent, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, diaphoretic, expectorant, hypnotic, narcotic, and sedative. Poppy has been used against toothaches and coughs. The ability of opium from poppy to serve as an analgesic is well known. Opium and derivatives of opium are used in the pharmaceutical industry as narcotic analgesics, hypnotics, and sedatives. These compounds are also used as antidiarrheals, antispasmodics, and antitussives . Opium and the drugs derived from opium are addictive and can have toxicological effects.

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If prepared correctly it should be a resin and extremely sticky. It can be mixed with olive oil and heated to boiling point for around 20 mins. Tastes like crap. Be warned this is heavy shit i seen a hardened drug user freak out on this shit. Not for the weak minded.


Igot so fucking wastead bout 5 mins agoo and noow i can hardley writee.. ggoodd shit.. I

I tried these a few years ago.They were a very hardy seed!I shook a bunch of them in my flower garden and i had so many come up that i had to weed most out so they could grow.They were dried(10),blended in coffee grinder,boiling water poured over and left to soak till cool.OH SHIT..real bad TASTE ! BUT.... mywife finished driving me home from our mountain ride.It was incredible! An scary till i leveled out BE CAREFULL!


I realy love this plant , so do my friends and even my dog.

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