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Mexican And Mckennaii Growkit Pack

1 x Mexican All in one Growkit - Medium
1 x Mckennaii All in one Growkit - Medium


Harvest on average 400 grams each box within 2-3 weeks
Multiple flushes possible


Please Note: for optimum results when using a heating device, avoid direct contact between the heating surface and the growkit. If you cannot create space, use a piece of cardboard or a folded towel instead.
STORAGE:All kits have been inoculated with the mycelium of Psilocybe Cubensis and the substrate has started to be colonised. The optimal situation is that the kit is started immediately after receiving it. However, if you really need to wait some days, you can keep the kit in the fridge for a maximum of 1 month. After that period of time the growth can be compromised.
We don't ship this product to:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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EEEE,, FANTASTICNO,,, BUUU,, TEK JE PRVO,276,, I BILO JE STRASNO,,, DOBRO,, smijeh,, slike,,, mislim svaka rijec je suvisna,, mc kenna ,strasna je,, je I mex ali se ne sjecam, bas, hihihihi
sad pomalo dalje,, idemo na DRUGI FL,,, LJUDI BUDITE POZDRAVLJENI


took around 2 weeks to start growing, they really shot up when i bought a propagator.
lots of shrooms, they look beautiful, im very excited to eat some today, its good friday. amen

had some rainy and cold weather so yield was not giant,but yesterday had 3,2 g mex and WOOOOW,suuperquality,hav had a lovely night!thanx shayana!


for mxy opinion the mex are the best!! didnt have giant amounts of quantity but was also because of the weather,i think,but the quality was loooovely!!thanx to shayana !

was aaall nice experience,fast delivery,the mexicans came some faster and i got 3 yields,in quantity and time the mckennas were less quantity and took longer but in quality looovely experience pretty visual ,in summit:play it again,sam!!


All in all, happy with the results... The mckennaii were especially quick to start producing, first shroomies appeared after 6days, it took the mexican 10 days to do that. I am already waiting for second wawe of mckennai to finish, have yet to test the ingestation of large quantities of these, im sure it will be a good one!

'I evo mene opet,,,, sto da vam kazem,, uspijelo,, ,,, ljep docek 2018..bas su ljepe,,, mirne,, tihe,, ovo ce biti fantasticno.,, ekipa ,,, je strasna,, bit ce smijeha,,,,glupostima,,,


merry Christmas,,shayana,,,, ,, I put booth,, and after 7 days,,kabum,,,, in few day,, hanging I smiling,,,,,, ,,, this will be good 2018,,,,, secer na kraju,,,,hmmmm mztpc,,,uglavnom,,, prst gore,,,,,

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