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Psilocybe Culture Syringe Azurescens

Psilocybe Azurescens is the most potent psilocybe mushroom of all. The Psilocybe Azurescens requires cold temperatures to fruit, which is why this is an excellent strain for outdoor cultivation. It grows very well in the climate of the northern parts of Europe. The preferred substrate for this mushroom is woodchips, hence the name "woodlover".
During winter the cultivation starts indoor by inoculating sterilized rye. Once the rye is fully colonized it is used as spawn to inoculate a larger amount of sterilized woodchips. In springtime the colonized woodchips are used to inoculate more non-sterile woodchips in outdoor beds. Fruits can be expected in the fall.

Temperature during colonization: 18–22 °C
Temperature during fruiting: 10–15°C (outside)

Sporeprints from an outdoor mushroom are considered not sterile. Growing an outdoor mushroom from spores requires some agar skills to obtain a clean and healthy culture. The use of a liquid culture syringe gives you the benefit to directly start with a healthy and clean culture, without going through the process of cleaning spores on agar.
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