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Psilocybe Cubensis Pf Red Spore Print Or Syringe

This Psilocybe cubensis strain is a red spored variation of the PF Classic strain. 'PF' stands for 'Psylocybe Fanaticus' the nickname of the founder of this very unique and interesting strain. It distinguishes itself from all other cubensis strains in aspects like appearance, grow behavior and last but not least it's potency. As the name indicates it's a must have for the true Psylocybe Fanatics among us!

This strain is developed specially for the PF-Tek, but it also grows in other cultivation techniques. It's a relatively slow colonizer with cottony mycelium. It produces small but fat fruits that have a marshmallow like fruit body.
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First shrooms i have ever grown and eaten, i had some of my best experiences on this strain of shrooms, also the red prints are awesome :D

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