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Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher Print Or Syringe

This strain is a legend!! A must have for every mycologist! It dates back from the early days of home cultivation, which makes this strain a very good all-rounder. It performs very well on all substrates and cultivation methods.

Comparing to other strains it grows a bit slower but it produces very fat fruits. With a small and massive stipe carrying a large golden colored cap.
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Needle was a little large, and a little to easy to push all liquid out, but still a great product :)


first off a big thanks to the team at shayana for outstanding customer service! recieved this item within 4 days to the uk! genuine product, nice looking full print and by far the best price ive seen anywhere VERY PLEASED!

I ordered this product Sunday and it arrived to me at approximately 12 o clock london time this wednesday.. Extremely fast service and genuine product!

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