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New Purple Power

New Purple Power seeds contain some of the best Sativa genetics available. These babies are the result of a cross between a Skunk 1 and a Hollands Hoop. New Purple Power is the perfect outdoor plant. It doesn’t mind cooler climates, and doesn’t lose quality, taste or yield.

The Hollands Hoop influence gives the buds a purple coloration, whereas the Skunk 1 genes bring in some strong genetics and a distinct taste. In normal circumstances the flowering period takes around 8 weeks to finish. We might have to disappoint indoor growers who want to order new purple power seeds. Unless you’ve got a very good ventilation system, we do not recommend growing this stinky plant indoor.

New Purple Power generates a clear high and is a perfect smoking candidate for any occasion.

Type: outdoor cultivation
Flowering period: 8 weeks
Yield: 450 g/m²
THC%: 5-10%
Harvest: September

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This one grow´s very well outside in the middle of Sweden. All my seeds germinate well and grow tall as all other seeds (indoor as well as outdoor)I bought from ShayanShop. I will use this company again. They have good produkts.Don´t drink and drive. Smoke a joint and fly !!! :-)


De plantjes zijn ondertussen goed gegroeid en in bloei. Nu nog wachten op de oogst :D Greetz en keep up the good work shayanashop!

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