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California Orange / Skunk #1 X Haze / Skunk #1

California Orange / Skunk #1 X Haze / Skunk #1
Special Request

Special Request


This four-way cannabis variety gives you the best of three cannabis stars: orange bud, skunk 1 and haze. This offspring of a orange bud x skunk 1 hybrid and a haze x skunk hybrid, the result of careful selection and crossing.

It grows into a large plant reaching a height of 2 to 3,5 meters. It develops big 13-fingered fan leaves, has a high flower to leaf ratio and produces lots of resin. This cannabis variety treats you to a sweet and fruity taste inherited from its orange bud ancestor. Its Haze genes provides it with its characteristic energy and haze buzz. Its skunk roots give it that renowned robustness.

A toke from the orange bud x skunk 1 X haze x skunk1 gives you a cocktail of psychedelic and euphoric sensations.

Grow setup: outdoor and indoor cultivation (will require trimming)
Plant height: 2,5 to 3,5 meters
Yield: up to 1 kg
Harvest: mid september

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