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K.C. Brains T.N.R.

KC Brains TNR seeds were especially bred for outdoor cultivation. Growers who would like to order TNR seeds better make sure they have plenty of space. This huge green monster is not really suited for indoor growing, for the simple fact that it becomes so big. The sheer size of this strain would make it almost impossible.

TNR has an amazing genetic makeup. It descends from a Thai mother (as can clearly be tasted). The Thai mother was brought to the Netherlands almost 30 years ago and was never used for crossbreeding. Now she has been crossed with KC2, resulting in a goliath cannabis plant.

Users have reported this strain to produce a soaring high that lasts for about two hours and a stone that lingers on for two more hours. TNR is highly mould resistant.

Genetics: 28 year old Thai genetics with double KC2
Outdoor Flowering: 9-12 weeks, harvest mid of October
Outdoor height: up to 400 cm
Outdoor yield: up to 1000 gram per plant

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