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Skunk Red Hair

Skunk Red Hair was developed in the early 1980’s when numerous red hairs were a sign of sweet tasting, quality bud. Skunk Red Hair is mellow in strength, not so overpowering like some of the white strains developed currently. Skunk Red Hair grows tall and vigorous. The buds have a sweet flavor and a skunky odor. Flower pistols develope a distinctive blush as they mature. Yields can be very interesting.

• Plant Height: Medium; Indica/Sativa Mix
• Buzz Type: Stoney yet High; All-Around Buzz
• T.H.C. Level: Medium; 8-15%
• Flowering Weeks: 8-10
• Yield (Dried grams per square meter in a Sea of Green): 400-500
• Harvest Month: Sept.-Oct.

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I have one plant in my backyard... good, but not so srong, but i like it much... good taste.

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